Group Activation


The energy that was resonant in Lemuria is quite different from the energy of our present time.  It was a place of natural co-operation with divinity, nurtured by flowing heart connections that reverberated throughout the ancient world.

Come and tap back into your Lemurian lifetime to retrieve this powerful connected memory, your wisdom and the special gifts you once held to assist you with your life today.

Group Activations Accelerate Your Lemurian Connection

We gain greater incites by opening to group and personal memories together. Sometimes people experience the same event but from a different angle. The sharing of it aids with awakening our group memories.  Group work allows for an increase of energy, amplifying our connectivity to that lifetime.  

By accessing our memories from Lemuria it can help us to understand what has happened with our world and why we showed up in this time period. When we are in-tune with this we are more stoked to do what we came here for. The flame is lit to cook the stew. 

This particular group activation assists with bringing more consciousness to our planet. Being in a group amplifies the amount of golden light that will be channeled into our time from this ancient period. It will infuse more consciousness and heart wisdom to our collective planetary grid. As this light ripples through our collective consciousness, it brings medicine for the highest outcome for our human race and all involved.

Humanity has been waiting for this Remembrance

This activation is transmitted through the potent use of Light Language, a modality that
awakens ancient codes within our DNA, Human Template and Soul. It also instigates 
the necessary healing we need for a transmission to occur.

Whether or not you consider yourself a visionary it matters not. This activation works regardless. 

The seeds that are planted on this day will begin to ripple through your life, calling in the realizations, people & events that reflect the knowledge that your Lemurian Self has infused in you during this activation.

If you feel drawn to this activation it’s probably because you had at least one lifetime in Lemuria.

where & when

Activation: $40 at door $30 online

May 11th Location: The beautiful Sedona Creative Life Centre:  333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona, in the Retreat Room

When: from 10am – 12:30pm

What to bring: Your journal or something to write on.

Lead by: Your’s truly, Gaianna Sophia
Divine Compass & Light Language Transmitter
* Seating is limited to make room for sharing visions and experiences after the activation.