Bones in a Cave…

The best way to find a sacred site is to talk to the locals.

As my beloved and I were visiting an island off the west coast Canada, a dear friend of mine’s partner, Paul, told us that he knew about Petroglyphs and sacred caves with bones on the island.

I was curious about the cave he spoke about, it felt like there might be old knowledge held in it’s walls that I could learn from.

Enclosed sacred spaces that haven’t been viewed by many people can have many ancient energetic impressions that are visible to intuitive visitors.


Paul was guided to protect these caves by the ocean. Over the time, he had witnessed sculls and artifacts being taken from these old sites. He managed to hide important items and close off certain areas to the caves in order to allow them to be in peace.

The next day, with tobacco in hand, he lead us to one of the cave entrances. Before entering, my partner and I connected with our Spiritual Guides and the Guardians of the cave, asking permission for us to enter. After a pause I received a yes for both of us

When entering sacred sites, it’s of the upmost importance to check in with the spiritual guardians of the sacred space to make sure it is appropriate to enter. Equally important, we need to be willing to receive a “no”. There are many particulars we may not yet understand about a sacred site and nobody wants to leave with spirits or bad karma attached to us. Asking for permission is a knock on the door to see if it’s of the “highest outcome for all” for us to enter.

Upon entering I noticed the cave was about 20’ long by 8’ wide with a ceiling that humbled us into a crouch as we walked in. There was a wall of rocks at the end of the cave that Paul had used to closed off another chamber of that held artifacts and had passageways deeper into the earth.

It was filled with the breath of winds and the ocean’s moisture. Weathered old ancestral bones were stacked neatly on a rock to our left, where skulls once sat.  Paul imparted that the skulls were taken by people and dogs looking for a bone.

Once he left the space I sat with my partner to tune in to the cave with one hand on the ceiling and the other on a unstable rock to my left. I was sensing time echoing through these walls. This cave held a depth of story and knowledge vibrating within it’s stone. This knowledge felt glad to be shared.

This was a place of peace. There were no lingering spirits here. It felt that the old ways of these people held the spirits of those who passed onward in a good way.  

The Spirit Guardians of this cave spoke that this was once a living space for at least one family. They shared that the spirits were gone but the bones were left here to remind future peoples about their time period. They showed me how this cave and many others like it held ancient energetic wisdom that isn’t acknowledged or valued in our current fast-paced time period.

They were aware of our time period from sensing the experience held in my own bones.

The Guardians let me experience a time where life had a very different cycle. One where people lived in accordance to the weather and seasons. Where the value for each other and community was integral for survival and their fullness of being as a person and community.

As I sensed into our present time it became clear that we have become detached from belonging to a community like the one these Guardians were revealing to me. Whether this realization is felt as a conscious understanding or an unconscious longing, it is there.  I got to see how we’ve been aching to live as one collective human organism in community for a long time.

The object wasn’t monetary gain for the people who lived there. The object was to help each other and grow their talents into a fullness that would be appreciated and add to the whole community. Every person was needed. Every person was cared for.

I feel deeply grateful to have witnessed this ancient time period. This fresh point of view has helped me with a better understanding of what we are missing in life and deeply longing for.

For the privacy and respect for this burial site, the Spiritual Guardians of the cave, Paul, and I,
felt it of the highest importance to keep the location of this sacred site remaining concealed.

I would advise entering into burial caves or any sacred site with a deep respect for the First Nations or ancestors who knew that space to be their own.
Being willing to connect with the sacred upon entering such a space will allow it to feel honoured by you.
Without these things, spirit and the site’s ancient energetic impressions tend to remain hidden. All the spectator may glean are photos and perhaps, a feeling that there was more that they couldn’t quite access.

There are many sacred sites and power centres that remain connected to ancient wisdom that
will open us to the deep wisdom in our own bones if we let them.  If we are patient enough to listen.

Upon asking these Spiritual Guardians of this cave if it was alright to
take and share photos, they gave me a yes. They said the images of this
space are be beneficial to be shared for the sensitive viewer who might
tune into the energy that is echoing within them.

I’d like to invite you to take a moment and tune in with these photos of the cave.
If you’d like to share about what you experience, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

***And as a side note, I connected with a First Nations woman, in the case of the tribe of that area (who no longer live there)
might want to preserve these sites and/or remove the artifacts. She is working on sending the inquiry
to the right people for consideration.***

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