Light Language Activations

It's TIME TO activate

We need a super-human technology to bring healing, transformation and alignment back to our worlds and our planet. Where there is a great need, it is time to awaken a great remedy.

What is Light Language?

Using Light Language is a powerful healing modality for releasing old recycling patterns of thought and beliefs that have kept you from realizing why you’ve incarnated. This form of healing has the ability to initiate and activate you into your next levels, open up your super-powers, those gifts that have been buried deep down. 

It’s the oldest language out there, using Light Codes & Energy Symbols that are transmitted to you through sacred sound. When your higher self hears the transmission, it uses it to transmute old traumas, releasing blocks and aligning you to your highest potential.  This is energy sound healing at it’s finest, and a divine gift to help awaken humankind at this time.


In the below video I’m sharing powerful Light Language Healing energies to help your body boost it’s own immune system towards Covid 19. This Coronavirus has many people in a panic state that is separating out our already disconnected world. This Light Language Activation is beneficial to deepen back into the heart and love of humanity while safely protecting ourselves.

What are People

Gaianna’s Activations were some of the clearest, ease-full, and profound medicine I have ever encountered.  It was a graceful experience and the effects right on target. I also very much appreciated her thoughtful and compassionate support in integrating the healing and moving forwards.
Melanie M.
Mom & Nurse
I was blown away by Light Language.  I felt an immediate connection with a Divine presence working on many levels,  making adjustments and communicating through symbols. Gaianna is a pleasure to work with. Warm joyful and safe space for vulnerability. 
Don M.
Kum Nye Teacher
Gaianna's light language activations have powerfully supported me in releasing old stuck energies and patterns, supporting my opening to new potentials in myself as I work towards aligning with my life purpose. The sessions are transformational and Gaianna is a clear, loving and compassionate guide.
Shelly S.