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Many of us know about putting our deepest dreams on the back burner. We can end up feeling disconnected from the life our soul has come here to live.

It is my joy to help you tap back into a deeper remembrance of what you have come here to do, your Highest Potential in life. 

When you do this you can tap into and share your heart’s gifts, finding refuge and stability in Source while living in a world that is filled with change.


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What are clients
saying about
my work?

Gaianna’s Activations were some of the clearest, ease-full, and profound medicine I have ever encountered.  It was a graceful experience with the effects right on target. I also very much appreciated her thoughtful and compassionate support in integrating the healing and moving forwards.
Melanie M.
Mom & Nurse
Gaianna's essence and warm heart had me tearing up before even starting the clairvoyant reading. The work she did helped me so much with jump starting my path to clarity. Months of work in minutes.

Thank you, Thank you and bless you Gaianna.
Eric K.
Gaianna's light language activations have powerfully supported me in releasing old stuck energies and patterns, supporting my opening to new potentials in myself as I work towards aligning with my life purpose. The sessions are transformational and Gaianna is a clear, loving and compassionate guide.
Shelly S.

Why I'm doing this

I was steeped in intuitive practices as a child...

At the tender age of 11, I told my Mum that I was seeing people around me that nobody else could see. Luckily she had a strong background with the metaphysical and knew that I needed training. She brought me to the Psychic Society to learn how to develop many intuitive skills that included Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychomotry (holding an object and learning about it’s past) and Mediumship.

At the age of 18 I started speaking a multi-dimensional language with the Universe about problems in my life. It happened out of the blue but was a blessing because this language was so swift and quick to get to the point of my heart’s pain and resolve it.

Years later I learned it is called Light Language, an ancient tongue that we all can access.

Opening my doors as a coach...

After being drawn to the feminine arts my whole life, in my late 30’s I stepped into coaching women to heal from societal and lineage beliefs that had kept them from relaxing into their divine feminine selves.

I found a knack for identifying deeply hidden blocks. Soon I started to realize that these “blocks” were actually the guardians of the doors to a greater life experience.

By incorporating visionary practices and the Laws of Attraction I was able to assist clients with realizing and creating the life they came here to experience.

Using Light Language for healing
myself and clients

After years of using Light Language for my personal divine communication, my spiritual guides revealed that I could use it for mind, body, emotional & spiritual healing which was a beautiful surprise to me. They told me “I could do anything with Light Language” which still has a “blow my mind” rippling effect on me as I consider the ways to use it.

Part of the work I now do is activating soul~abilities in people as well as their DNA potentials.

My whole life had prepared me to become who I am today

The more I tuned in and valued my inner soul’s guidance, the more fulfilled and aligned to my life’s potential I became. My life kept getting clearer as I was feeling guided towards my higher-purpose in being here.

Believing in your heart and developing a strong relationship with your intuition... is the doorway towards a deeply fulfilled and guided life

It brings me great joy to be of service to humanity by helping people attune to their life purposes. The idea that I get to see the bigger picture, holding the candle flame for all who feel drawn back to the light of their Soul’s Purpose …makes me feel really good for this is part of the reason for why I am here.

Skills for this Journey

Power Place

I was trained in techniques from Findhorn (in Scotland) for clearing down and energizing peoples lands. I went onto creating the Salt Spring Counsel of 11 individuals who were devoted to restoring peace and harmonic balance to public sites so that Mother Earth could work more efficiently. When space is blocked up with energy it's hard for her magic to show and to be available for helping us heal. Upon request I still clear down private homes and property.
I now use this work for clearing down and activating Sacred Sites and Power Places. To clear these spaces down revives the energy lines on our planets allowing her to function better, while uplifting humanity as they bridge the energetic alignment for our enlightenment as a collective.

Evolutionary & Taoist Priestess

 I became an Evolutionary Priestess after receiving training with Inaiya Ray in 2013. I learned how to heal and created ceremonies to assist with personal and collective evolution of humankind.
I became trained as a Taoist Priestess by Minke de Vos, Shashi Solluna and Mahara Brenna in 2016 down in Bali to help individuals become connected and blessed by Source energy during big life transitions such as Blessings for Babies, Business, Marriage and Death.
I now work with Priestess energy during ceremonies and circles and find it awakens my connection to land and spirit in a respectful and holy way. One day I may step more fully into performing marriages and baby blessings.

Laws of Attraction Mentor

My abilities to manifest reality were visible to me in my late 30's. I realized that all of the big bold experiences in life came about through intention setting and a line of synchronicities. I find using the Laws of Attraction as the easiest way to create my reality. I incorporate it into the work I do with clients to help streamline their progress and remind them about their abilities for creating their world around them.
I held New Moon Circles to help individuals tap into and experience their manifesting abilities, and shared Manifesting Beloved Ceremonies to create the container for attendees to call in their future partners.

Clarvoyant Readings for Life Purpose


I received training to develop my psychic abilities when I was 11 years old at the Psychic Society. I was trained in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry (holding an object and reading it), tarot cards & Mediumship. This grew through my teenage-hood but fell asleep in my 20's only to reemerge at 40. With a deeper understanding of life, I actively worked with my psychic abilities to use them for the good of all, clear sight into situations, and for the healing of people, animals and our beloved planet.
I also awakened my telepathic abilities to work with animals through the guidance of Stephanie McColl. Through telepathy I've grown-on to communicate with mountains, trees, nature spirits and other high-vibrational beings that presents themselves for a soul full conversation 🙂

Light Language Activator

I have offered Light Language as a way to assist with peoples mind-body-emotional-spiritual healing since 2018. I have shared Light Language to help circles of people to access the benefits of astrological events. Holding circles for groups to reestablish connection with their Lemurian selves and accessing their developed gifts from that time period has been a great joy for me. We collectively opened a bridge for receiving beautiful Lemurian light to infuse our time period to activate healing unity between people.
I also create personal harmonic songs for individuals that reflect their spirit, to bring them home in their bodies. Having spoken Light Language since I was 18 years old, I recognize it's power to go beyond the mind and directly to the heart of the matter. My abilities and understanding of it are continually deepening

Kick A*s Radio Show Host

The Conscious Planet Network Radio Show is a podcast that's set up to get the message out that people are working towards a bright future for us all. I was in the film industry for a period of time in my life and learned that the saying for the News Channels were "If it bleeds it leads." This made me realize that we weren't learning the full spectrum of news that was happening, especially the good stuff.
People are making amazing differences through making changes, creating technology, or spiritually - bringing in messages from divinity for what's really happening in our planet.
This show is to inspire people to fall back in love with humanity and all that we're up to, and knowing that people are making a difference. Things are moving, and moving fast. Check it out and be inspired!

Sometimes we just need a helping hand.
This is mine for you…



The first step in aligning yourself with your highest purpose is attuning to your highest daily outcomes.

What would it be like if your daily experiences had successful outcomes? Could you imagine the confidence you would build and the feeling of support by the universe you would feel?

Can you imagine living in a world where you feel connected to something greater, feeling loved and looked after?

I swear by this practice, it’s powerful and super simple to do 🙂


(Your personal information is always kept private with me)

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