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I didn’t always have my sh*t together. 

Gaianna Sophia Love

No matter how hard I looked, I just couldn’t find my Life’s Purpose in the Help Wanted section of the newspaper.

In the background I had so many dreams whispering to me...

A whole part of myself felt unrealized and hidden.  The potency of my aspirations kept fleeting among the day to day humdrum.
I longed to live a higher purpose life …but I didn’t know what that looked like.
I felt powerless to life’s circumstance. Life just happened to me. It felt like I was living in a chaotic universe.
“Clients were experiencing miracle upon
miracle from the Light Language I was
speaking… it was deeply humbling”

~ Hey, I quoted myself

I was steeped in intuitive practices as a child but I never really understood how to consciously create my world.

I became aware it was time for me to step in and help people realize their potentials.
I knew with this work that was coming through I would be stepping out on the fringe of what people felt was normal. It was scary, I won’t lie to you. I came up against some of my greatest fears that were trying to convince me that I wasn’t good enough, that I should just turn and run!
At first I believed their voices and hid under my covers. Then, very slowly… I started to look and realized these were the exact fears that have been suppressing my hearts gifts!

I was up against the wall and had to choose:
a) Allow these blocks to keep running my life
b) Stick my staff in the ground and say
(...in the voice of Gandalf...) "None Shall Pass!"

I decided for the latter because Gandalf is so indisputable.
I learned healing techniques that helped me release these blocks. Over time I found a knack for identifying deeply hidden blocks. Soon I started to realize that these “blocks” were the doors to a much vaster life.

My hearts secrets were locked behind this door. 
After a few years, I realized those healing techniques were super effective but started feeling clunky with my body and spirit systems. I was craving a new way of helping people that felt organic to me and that I didn’t have to re-learn. 
Within 2 days of this realization I randomly came across a video on youtube that was talking about using Light Language for healing! I became super intrigued and learned as much as I could about how to do it. 
Yay! It was a perfect modality for me!
When I decided to bring Light Language out of the closet my guides told me I could do anything with it: healing, blessings, activations and so many more things to yet be discovered.  I realized my Super Power!
At this point I noticed I had a unique ability to help others heal and align with their destinies. This is something I had been fine-tuning over my life with having the freedom of being an entrepreneur and choosing what I felt drawn to at each corner. 
My business became a spiritual practice. I had found nourishment and fulfillment with what I was doing. I felt deeply connected into my life purpose.

I could finally say all of the things I needed to on a soul level. My life became unburdened bit by bit.

Light Language is the most efficient healing and activation tool I've ever come across.

Experiencing miracle upon miracle has humbled me to Light Language’s potent ability

I feel this is of my highest service to share this with you, humankind and the planet at this time. I feel each person makes a difference when we step upon our own unique path, realizing the visions we hold for this lifetime.

Each persons contributes to our beautiful human race’s expansion. This understanding I share tickles me pink!

When a person dives into their heart’s passions it resonates like a kiss of light through their community and reverberates well beyond. 

Good vibes for everyone! We’re actually supposed to be living our dreams. We are apart of this universe, the dreams we get are directly from our soul which is connected to Source. So, as it is, we are Source expanding itself.

I appreciate my willingness to step up into the light, to be seen. It can feel scary stepping into new places, especially when they’ve been hidden. Without believing in myself and taking steps I would still be staring blankly at the help wanted section, frustrated those jobs don’t fit the bill. 

Sometimes we just need a helping hand... Here is mine for you.

Vortex Tour Leader

Light Language Activator

Badass Radio Show Host

What my clients say about me

I would have never dreamt that I could have such a major breakthrough with a light language session! Working with Gaianna is like having all your Easter Bunnies come hopping through your garden at once!!!! Warm and fluffy!!!
Margo M

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