Ready to Align with Your Highest Purpose?

I am SOO GLAD you are here! You have found me because this is the perfect time in your life for a big transformation! I have a sneaking suspicion that your soul is reaching out to find someone who can guide you with aligning with what you are here to do in the world.

Throughout your life you may have glided in and out of alignment with your life purpose. You might have spent years living others dreams of who they think you should be, or what they think your life should look like. This can start in childhood but permeate well into our adulthood when left unchecked. This has the ability to knock any of us off our paths.

No matter what you have experienced, you have the power to swivel your life around and jump into whatever your heart has been dreaming about… feet first!


You matter, Your dreams matter

Those aching dreams deep within you… the ones you fear aren’t important enough to be believed in… are the ones that matter the most. 

Perhaps nobody has told you this yet.  Everything about you is unique and special. You have an important roll to play.  As you begin to open and bring value to these dreams, the more you can settle into a soulful life. 

You are not alone Love

You are among a great many who are awakening to their gifts at this time. An Era has just opened that is granting access to our depths of self expression like no other time period. You will see this reflected as people start coming out of the woodwork with unique abilities and offerings to humanity over these next few years. 


Hopes and dreams can TENUOUSLY SLIP THROUGH OUR FINGERS week by week, often turning months into years.
There is no perfect timing for this and no other time that could be more perfect!
I HAVE CREATED A GIFT to help you swivel your life around to put value on your dreams. 
Why am I doing this? The more each of us become aligned with our destiny, THE MORE IT HELPS ALL OF HUMANITY. We’re like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When we become authentic with why we’re here, we fit into place and make our collective future brighter. 
Simple. Pimple.


  • You feel like life is passing you by
  • You are afraid you won’t get to the deeper work you know you're here to do


To aligning with your destiny is much like stepping onto a personal treasure map. IT’S EXCITING because there’s an adventure to being guided along the path to your dreams.
But before you find the map’s entrance you need to make a declaration of valuing the reason to why you are here. This gift will help you CLEAR DOWN THE BLOCKS that have been keeping you from putting significance on your life purpose.
This gift is a beautifully guided Light Language Activation. If you don’t know what this is then read about it below 🙂
Are you ready to start believing in yourself and  unearth the reasons you are here?

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What is Light Language?

Using Light Language is a quick way to release old blocks and activate your highest potential.  Is the oldest language out there, using Light Codes & Symbols that are transmitted to you through sacred sound. When your higher self hears the transmission, it uses it to transmute old traumas, releasing the necessary blocks, while aligning you to your higher potential.  This is energy healing at it’s finest, and a divine gift to help awaken humankind at this time. 

What are People
saying about me?

Gaianna’s Activations were some of the clearest, ease-full, and profound medicine I have ever encountered.  It was a graceful experience and the effects right on target. I also very much appreciated her thoughtful and compassionate support in integrating the healing and moving forwards.
Melanie M.
Mom & Nurse
I was blown away by Light Language.  I felt an immediate connection with a Divine presence working on many levels,  making adjustments and communicating through symbols. Gaianna is a pleasure to work with. Warm joyful and safe space for vulnerability. 
Don M.
Kum Nye Teacher
Gaianna's light language activations have powerfully supported me in releasing old stuck energies and patterns, supporting my opening to new potentials in myself as I work towards aligning with my life purpose. The sessions are transformational and Gaianna is a clear, loving and compassionate guide.
Shelly S.

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